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Enochian Evocation: The Elemental Tablet of Air

Following the Evocation of Bethor, which dealt with issues of expansion and bore results heavily related to the element of Air, I decided, a few days later, to consult the I-Ching to glean advice about the best vessel for that expansion. As usual, the coins gave the succinct advice of Tsun, or ‘Wind,’ with as the action to be taken. With its attribution to M of M (see Appendix I of 777), I decided, a few days later again, to forego the literal advice of ‘Gentle Penetration’ and give myself an Enochian jolt by working with the Elemental Tablet of Air.

Table 1. Names and Attributions of the Tablet of Air
God Name
Sub Element
Fixed Fire
Air of Fire
Mutable Earth
Water of Earth
Cardinal Air
Fire of Air
Fixed Water
Air of Water
Mutable Fire
Water  of Fire
Cardinal Earth
Fire  of Earth
Fixed Air
Air of Air
Mutable Water
Water of Water
Cardinal Fire
Fire  of Fire
Fixed Earth
Air of Earth
Mutable Air
Water  of Air
Cardinal Water
Fire of Water

Table1. Note how the Holy Names of the Tablet of Air represent the coming together of the Triplicities of the Zodiac (Cardinal = Fire, Fixed = Air, Mutable = Water) with their respective elements in the Quadruplicities (i.e. Air of Air, Water of Water and Fire of Fire).

Immediately before the rite, which is always a good time to practice some form of divination, I consulted the I-Ching again and was given
Hexagram 38 – K’uei, ‘Opposition’ – with the third and fifth lines changing. This result denotes the need to change an attitude in order to gain success or compliance from another if met with adversity. Following this, the operation was performed with my partner, Sr. S.


Hour of 2, day of 7, 1 in 19° ¡ and 2 in 21° § on Lunar Day 13.


After Banishing and performing the LRH (within the Vault), I intoned the First Enochian Key in its original tongue, and vibrating each letter individually, before Sr. S. invoked the Holy Names, Elemental King and the Six Angelic Seniors of the Tablet (see table below) using the text of Sloane MS 307.

Table 2
Meaning of Name
Elementary Energy
Planetary Energy
Holy Names
He who cries aloud in the place of desolation
M of M, N of N, O of O
He whose voice seems to have wings
He whose voice is low
He who frequents the ways
He who is in his place
He who listens                     
He who has a son                   
He who is like nothing else        
After the invocations, a black crystal ball placed atop a concealed Sigillum Dei Ameth and a revealed Tablet of Union was scried. The four Elemental Tablets were present at their respective elemental cardinal points.


The effects of the invocation were instantaneous. Sr. S. later described an unsettled feeling as I intoned the First Key, while I noticed the first signs of manifestation as she read the petition to the Seniors. This came in the form of a golden light emanating from the Tablet of Air in the East, the beam of which fell upon the altar like a ray of sunlight. Noticing that I had placed a candle in the path of this ray, I felt compelled to move it from its position at the East of the Altar to that of the Invisible Sun of the Spirit in the North-East. Once the invocations were complete, the light cast by the Tablet grew until a bright, golden, ‘solar’ sword appeared before the scrying stone. As soon as it appeared to grow more solid, the sword transformed into a Fleur de Lis, an emblem of the triune Holy Name, ORO IBAH AOZPI, which I reached an astral hand towards. 

The moment I grasped it, the ‘flower of light’ took on the feel of a flower’s stem and turned into a large, red rose. As soon as I held the rose, I found myself in a round garden surrounded by a high perimeter of thorns. As I looked upon it, the garden’s sharp, circular boundary became the crown of thorns that adorned the head of Christ during the crucifixion. Hovering next to him at a great height, I turned to see his face and saw him in the heights of his suffering. From his head, twelve drops of blood fell to the earth below, and where each drop landed, a new rose bloomed. When I descended from my position at the apex of the cross to inspect the roses, which had fallen to form a circle around the foot of the cross, I discovered that the flowers had transformed into red gemstones. 

Recognising the circular pattern the bloodstones fell in as a representation of the zodiac, I felt prompted to look up at the clear night sky above. There, I saw the same light I had perceived shining from the Tablet of Air shining through a hole rent in the sky a few degrees west of the Midheaven. From the other side of the opening, the sword I saw before the crystal ball as the scrying began pierced through the flesh of the firmament from the void beyond and peeled away its layers like the loose skin being removed from a shrivelled fruit. The sword’s bearer communicated that this act of piercing was what it existed to do, and each time it was called into this world from the ones beyond, it undid the fabric of material existence a little more. Its speech was constant and repetitive as it spoke, and its single interest was the destruction of the universe. 

When I eventually managed to make myself heard with one of the questions I had in mind, it proceeded to show me a series of living forms around the glass receptacle. By this time, the astral light around the ball had grown as bright, clear and golden as sunlight, and had spread out into the space between me and Sr. S. In that light, manifesting as small, glowing figures that peeked their heads over the top of the receptacle, appeared a ram, then an ox, then a wolf, followed by a horse, a man, a ram again, then a golden, winged angel. Finally, a spider—which I thought I had seen flickering into sight between some of the other figures—crawled over the receptacle and tore into its fabric with its mandibles before squeezing itself inside. Once it had bored its way in, I noted that the light surrounding the globe would, from the point of view of one inside of it, appear to be pouring in through a rent in its fabric in the same way that I had seen light streaming in from the aperture torn in the night sky in my vision of the garden. From this, I understood that the spider that crawled through it represented of the angelic being I was now communicating with. After revealing this, the angel came close to me but remained impenetrable. I spoke a command in the name of ORO IBAH AOZPI, but it remained defiant and responded that he was AOZPI. 

The angel only became compliant after I remembered the I-Ching reading I did directly before the rite, which gave advised me to ‘approach as a kindred spirit’ and that ‘affinity would lead to success.’ Following that memory, I informed the angel that I approached it as a friend and ally and would appreciate its co-operation. It responded by holding its sword to my neck and showing me a vision of it laughing as it cut my throat all the way around before peeling off the skin of my face and head until the bare, bloody skull beneath was exposed. It was only through such ways that it would communicate with me, it said. Understanding its demand symbolically, I agreed to it, but only within the context of the rite, I informed the angel, and not beyond it. 

With my permission to let it remove my ‘face’ granted, it sheathed its sword and allowed me to perceive its physical appearance. Its form was that of an old man wearing a white robe and a blood-red sash tied around his neck, the shape and colour of which seemed to mirror the vision I saw of my own cut throat. His hair and beard were grey and dirty, his stature was squat and broad, and his features were scarred and marked with the signs of hard living (‘like a tramp,’ I later commented to Sr. S.). His face also looked badly scalded, as if it had just emerged from a pan of boiling water. In this form, he told me my true objective was to ‘escape all of this’ and prompted me to ‘cut, cut, cut, cut, cut’ my way out with a sword if I wanted to escape. This, I assumed, was the ‘prison’ of cosmic existence, the domain of the demiurge, a being recently connected in function to the Olympic Spirit Bethor. When I stated I called upon it to further my understanding of the invocation of Bethor, it held the crystal ball in its hand and said ‘you’ve been talking with the Machinist.’ It explained that the 'Machinist’s' work was the setting in motion of the cosmic, material order, and that its own work consisted of undoing that order. It explained that whenever it, or beings of like it, were called into the cosmic field, they damaged the fabric of the universe a little more each time. 

Beyond receiving such Apocalyptic messages, which was not one of my aims, another reason for doing this rite being a means of understanding the significance of having the fixed star Aldebaran in tight conjunction with my Gemini Ascendant, I pieced together the themes of swords and cutting with the Hebrew letter Zayin, and—via The Lovers Atu—the sign of Gemini. I asked the manifestation of the Sword, as the symbol of Air and the dynamic intellect, and Mercury, as the ruler of Gemini, were the means to my expansion, and he confirmed that they were indeed the tools I should use to cut myself out of my ‘prison’ with. Following this confirmation, he took me to a flat expanse of wilderness and instructed me to draw a cross upon the ground. Then, around the cross I was to draw a circle. Within that circle, I was to align my four limbs with each of the points, the vertical axis with my legs and the horizontal branches with my arms. Once this position was adopted, a band of left-facing, ‘Buddhist’ swastikas began to orbit my head, heralding the completion of the instruction. 

After that, the words ‘Zelat’ and ‘Zelato’ appeared to be repeated several times, followed by the term ‘The Zealous Ones,’ which I had the impression was the title of a specific order of Angelic beings. After these mysterious instructions were performed, I received an impression of the figure, now cloaked in shadow, picking up the crystal ball again. But this time, his disdain towards what it represented was unrestrained and he hurled it against the wall, smashing it into thousands of pieces, bringing the vision come to its 'world-shattering' conclusion.


After the rite’s conclusion, Sr. S. and I compared our experiences and noted a number of similarities. We both perceived a subtle, yellow light emanating from the Tablet of Air, which we both noticed apparitions forming within. Whereas I saw a number of manifestations appearing within around the glass receptacle, including a small ram’s head that appeared twice, Sr. S. perceived a large ram’s skull hovering in the space between us. The second correspondence in our experiences came during the part of the vision where I saw the skin of my face being removed by the angel like a glove being pulled from a hand. Here, Sr. S was also prompted to ‘put aside’ her face. Though there was no violent visualisations in her case, this ‘removal of face’ appeared to be a necessary requirement in order to be granted communication with the angel. In the parts of the scrying where I resorted to appealing to a sense of co-operation to convince the angel to assist me, Sr. S. was facing similar difficulties and overcame them by informing the angel that they ‘both serve the same god.’ Unknown to her at the time was the similarity to her words and those of the English translation of the words from the First Key, ‘For I am the servant of your god.’

Finally, at the end of the session, when I perceived the angel picking up the receptacle and smashing it against the wall, Sr. S. was filled with a strong urge to pick it up and do that very thing to the receptacle herself.The prominent symbols manifested in the evocation were those of Sol and Mars, with the appearance of the sword-bearing Angel —representing Air, the Ruach and the martial energy of Geburah—being the unifying symbol of both energies. The Solar aspects came through the sword’s transformation into a Fleur de Lis towards the beginning of the scrying was a symbol of the three Holy Names ORO IBAH AOZPI, and the Rose it became, in union with the Cross of Christ, denotes the Rosy Cross formula of Tiphereth, while the ascent to the place next to Christ’s head on the Cross represented the rise from Malkuth to that Sephira. The formation of a circle of roses from the blood of Christ, which turned into bloodstones—or heliotropes—in Malkuth (here portrayed as a circular garden within an enclosure), represent the Sun passing through the cosmic circle of the Zodiac. 

The Marsian aspects were evident in the appearance of the Ram (manifesting twice, and to us both), the Ox, the Wolf and the Horse that appeared around the glass receptacle. With Table 1 above revealing AOZPI, which the entity claimed to be, being represented by Aries in the Zodiac, this makes the connection with Mars even more apparent. While the spider that appeared, as an eight-limbed creature which was also the eighth manifestation in this vision, is not typically associated with Mars, its act of abscission and its connection with the Eighth astrological House (that of Death, which is associated with the arachnid Scorpio, which comes under the rulership of Mars) reveals a similar malefic energy. As well as the notable symbols of planetary energy, stellar and trans-cosmic influences were also notable. In the vision of the sword piercing the night sky that followed the appearance of the zodiacal circle in the garden, the entry of a force from beyond the physical cosmos was evident. I perceived the location of the tear in the sky, from which a light akin to that we saw emanating from the Tablet of Air, as coming a few degrees away from the Midheaven. 

Interestingly, the position of the MC at the time of the rite would have been somewhere around 16-20° . There were no planets in this portion of the sky at the time, though the fixed star Alphard—‘The Heart of the Serpent’ in the constellation of The Hydra, was positioned at 17° . The constellation of The Hydra is mythically linked with Tiamat, the primordial serpent goddess of the Chaos of the outer void, while Alphard—with a reputation for violent passions and intense, transformative energy—shares some apparent traits of the entity we made contact with, which entered the cosmos from the same ‘beyond’ that Tiamat inhabits. Also of interest was the fact that Sr. S. reported the communications that she received from the entity that manifested seemed to come from the South, which tallies with the cosmic location of Alphard and The Hydra at the time of the rite. 

Such stellar influences may be seen as important aspect due to one of the reasons behind my wanting to perform it being to gain a better understanding of the tight conjunction of the fixed star Aldebaran with my Natal Ascendant. In combination with Antares’s conjunction with my Natal Moon on the Descendant and my Natal Saturn’s conjunction with my Nadir, this an intriguing mixture of angular placements that I sought clarity about. Though there was no straight answer to this question when I posed it, the entity’s command to ‘cut, cut, cut, cut, cut’ my way out of my ‘prison’ with a sword was deemed to be a reference to my Gemini Ascendant’s association with the Hebrew letter Zayin—meaning Sword (and thus linked to the element of Air)—as the means to use the influence of Aldebaran to my advantage by means of the intellectual energy of that sign’s ruler, Mercury, and the fivefold repetition of the word ‘cut’ suggests that these powers with the force of the Fifth Sephira, Geburah. Furthermore, according to Ptolemy, Aldebaran has a nature consistent with that of Mars, which brings a substantive link between the Marsian energies of Aldebaran and Gemini’s ruler Mercury on my First House Cusp. In this context, the instruction to ‘cut’ may relate to the application of my Mercurial nature (or Hermeticism) in a Marsian way, with the symbol of the sword being the natural connecting principle between their forces.

Once compliant, the physical form it revealed was also of a Marsian nature with a broad stature and signs of violence and severe scalding about its features. It insisted that the face, as the mask of ego, perhaps, be removed in order for its message to be received. Once agreed to, its instructions seemed related to rites of the crossroads, in which I was urged to place my four limbs in accord with the four cardinal directions of the cross. The energy invoked by this, as represented by the band of swastikas that rotated about my head, was solar in nature, and had the aesthetics of Tibetan Buddhism.

Towards the end of the vision a clue to the identity of the Angel became apparent when it mentioned ‘The Zealous Ones.’ With the impression that it was talking about an order of Angelic Beings, I deduced that the order of Seraphims, known for their ‘Ardent love of God,’ were the point of reference for further research. In traditional Jewish thought, the Seraphims are Angels of the Fifth Order (Geburah), while Hermetic attributions place them in the First Order, under the Archangel Metatron. According to Amberlain’s attribution of the Shemhamphorash Angels, each angel in each of the nine orders of angels can be attributed their own Sephirotic placement between Chokmah and Yesod[1] as follows.

Shem. Angel
Angelic Order
Mar 21 - 26
Mar 27 - 31
April 1 - 5
April 6 - 10
April 11 - 15
April 16 - 20
Apr 21 - 25
Apr 26 - 30

With the formula for attributing a Shemhamphorash Angel to each quinary of the Zodiac (or two per Decan), we can see that The Seraph specific to Geburah (which seems the most fitting Sephira to select considering the dominant symbolism) in this model is Elemiah. In accord with the Solar and Marsian imagery found in the scrying, Elemiah co-rules the Sun’s rulership of the second Decan of Aries, and solely governs the quinary of 15-19°
¡. With the rite taking place on 8th April when 1 was in 19° ¡, there’s enough synchronicity abound to give the Angelic presence we made contact with in this rite a convenient name.


This evocation was a powerful magical experience with verifiable planetary and stellar influences that were in strong accord with the letters of the Tablet of Air and the zodiacal position of the Sun. The Watchtower of the East acted as a portal to the divine realm beyond the cosmos, and correlated with the physical position of the Fixed Star Alphard within the constellation of The Hydra in the material realm. The entity itself was of the nature of Mars and Sol, and was identifiable with the Shemhamphorash Angel Elemiah, the Second Decan of Aries, the 3 of Wands of the Minor Arcana and the Enochian letter T (‘T’) within the name of the Senior AVTOTAR. While its initial claim that it ‘was AOZPI’ can’t be specifically substantiated, with that Holy Name being related to the zodiac sign of Aries, it would be correct to say that the entity was a direct emanation from that Name.


Its manifestation was of a fiery, zealous and violent nature and its purpose appeared to lie in dismantling the cosmic order, which it existed outside of. This was highlighted in its disdain for Bethor, ‘The Machinist,’ whose energies were implemental in the formation of the material cosmos. The advice it gave to ‘cut’ related to infusing Marsian energy to the intellect, and the crossroads rite it demanded seemed to be an instruction to invoke solar energy by placing myself in alignment with the four elements. Although the entity itself was of the nature of Mars and Sol, the Senior it comes under the control of, AVTOTAR, is of the nature of Mercury, making the triangle of paths between the Hod, Geburah and Tiphereth—being the paths of
 מ, ל and ooע—its area of influence. When one then considers that the root of Elemiah’s name is למooע, the evidence becomes even more consistent.

[1] See Skinner & Rankine’s ‘The Complete Magician’s Tables.’

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