Monday, 17 April 2017

Sex Magick and the Stars

Marina at Dark Star Astrology recently reposted an interesting piece on the Fixed Star Algol, with which Mars is currently conjunct at 26° . This star, which is also known as 'Medusa’s Head' and 'The Head of the Demon,' has a reputation for being the most ‘evil’ of the Fixed Stars, and with its conjunction with the malefic Mars – which occurs approximately every two years – its destructive, violent tendencies will be emphasised. With the escalation of tension between the USA, Russia and North Korea at the moment, we might well be witnessing yet another example of Algol and Mars indulging in a brief but messy fling that has the potential for disastrous consequences.

Like anything else seen through reasonable eyes, it would be incorrect to write Algol off as ‘evil,’ however. This is because ‘evil’ is a subjective term that is dependent on many other factors, none of which are so easily defined. With Jupiter, for instance, Algol’s energies are constructive and inspiring, while with Mars they are violent and turbulent. Like many things, the medium through which things are received define them to an extend that can mislead us if we aren’t aware of the full facts. What may be represented in Algol’s reputation in reality is a representation of the deep fear and mistrust that repressive masculine cultures have projected onto the concept of the feminine. Where Algol represents the Head of Medusa, Capulus is the sword in the hand of the constellation Perseus with which the the dark, raw feminine energy is neutralised by a domineering masculine force.

As is evident in Hermeticism, the key to true harmony and balance lies in the unity of the masculine and feminine energies through the processes of the Great Work. Bernadette Brady gives a good analysis of how the stars’ energies relate to this unity in her marvellous Book of Fixed Stars. In this, she intimates that the energies of these two conjunct yet separate stars relate to the combination of the male and female sexual energies into a complimentary whole. Capulus, the Sword of Perseus, is a symbol of the phallus that penetrates the intense female sexual energies of Algol, the Head of Medusa. This can also be understood in the context of the Nadi – the channels through which the kundalini energies flow. In this context, Algol is the feminine, lunar, left channel of Ida, and Capulus is the male, solar, right channel of Pingala. Fittingly, this is reflected in the constellation of Perseus, in which Medusa’s head is held in his left hand, and his sword is held in his right.

The reality of this relationship in our sad human history however, is that Perseus has subjugated Medusa. Society’s fear of what she represents has led to a state of great imbalance, and the exoteric, mundane myth of her demonization (which, as Marina points out, came from her being brutalised) is relived again and again instead of the sublime Mystery she conceals being realised even once. With the world perennially ignorant to Mystery, it remains the duty of the initiated – not just spiritually, but socially and culturally – to manifest the Mysteries according to the principles of love (אהבה) and unity (אחד). Through this balance comes the enlightened state of the conjoined Sun and Moon, the product of which is Gold, the Alchemical Mercury and the comprehension of the Logos that is known as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Through this attainment, the gates of Gnosis open and the potential for true liberation is realised.

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