Monday, 17 April 2017

The Language of Angels

As someone who has worked with the Enochian Calls in tandem with the eighteen verses of Revelation 17 in the past, I was pleased to see that Aaron Leitch, author of The Language of Angels, is posting his analysis of the Enochian Keys from that book over on his blog.

Something that stood out in his analysis of the First Key, was the connection made between the 'Kings and Minister of Government' who are called into movement with the Seven Spirits of God, and my thoughts in my previous post about the correlations between those 'First Seven' and the Olympic Spirits as the Seven Rays or Emanations of the One God. Further synchronicity comes in the fact that I'll soon be posting the results and analysis of a recent Enochian working I performed in which the First Key was recited as the preliminary invocation.

Anyway, as Leitch points out, there are sublime connections between the text of the Keys and the visions of St. John, and with some of my current work involving the study of the visions of St. John, Ezekiel and Enoch in comparison with Dee's system of magick, I'm sure his analyses will prove inspiring. 

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